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Frequently Asked Questions


What conditions can acupuncture treat?


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Common Cold
Dry eye
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Knee Pain
Labor Pain

Labor Prep
Low Back Pain
Menopausal symptoms
Menstrual Irregularities
Menstrual Pain
Neck Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Shoulder Pain
Smoking Cessation
Tennis Elbow
And many more!

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Before you come to your first appointment you will be asked to fill out a health history questionnaire. This information helps us to get an idea of what your symptoms are and what the best way to help you is.

Come to your first appointment wearing comfortable clothes, this will make it easier to do your assessments and treatment. Shorts a great to wear or bring along with you. 

What should I expect from my first session?

Your first session will consist of three parts. The entire treatment is generally an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and thirty minutes long. 

1. First we will sit and discuss your main reasons for coming in for treatment and go over your health history. This includes topics like areas of pain, history of illnesses, any symptoms you are experiencing, your lifestyle, nutrition, and stress level.

2. Second we will do assessments of the body to determine which areas need to be addressed and what treatments are going to be most effective to help. 

3. Lastly you will have your first treatment. This includes acupuncture needling and for many conditions other manual techniques are also used like cupping, guasha/graston and manual therapy, 

What if I am nervous about the needles or another aspect of treatment?

If you are feeling nervous about any aspect of treatment we will take things slow and check in with you about how you are doing and feeling throughout your treatments. One of the beautiful things about acupuncture is that you can get great results using different approaches and there are many gentle techniques. Always have an open line of communication with your acupuncturist so they can help to make sure you are comfortable.

How much does acupuncture cost?

New Patient Initial Intake: $150

1 Hour Follow Up Acupuncture: $95

30 Minute Appointment- Existing patients, special circumstances only 

Multi visit packages available 

5 visits- $460

10 visits- $880

What payment methods do you accept?

-Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) 



Do you take insurance?

Yes, we currently accept the following insurances with in network acupuncture benefits. We are currently in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, AllWays, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare and Aetna. 
Email if you’d like to verify if your insurance has acupuncture benefits. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

When booking, your appointment time is reserved just for you. Please let us know with 24 hours or more if you need to cancel or change an appointment time. Cancellations with less than 24 hours will be subject to cancellation fee of 50% of scheduled appointment cost. No shows will be charged full appointment fee. Please note these percentages apply to the office rates and not insurance copays. We appreciate your understanding. 

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